HVOB - Azrael (Miki's Escape Velocity Mix)

Country: Germany
Released: 2015
Label: Stil Vor Talent
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                                        トワイライトゾーン "2" - The Twilight Zone "Two"


15 September 1961
Starring: Charles Bronson, Elizabeth Montgomery
 In a futuristic world a man and a woman, from opposing sides in a devastating war, meet in a deserted city. They don't share a common language and she is quite wary of her opponent, though he doesn't appear aggressive in any way. When she attempts to kill him, he goes off on his own. It's obvious that society and civilization has been destroyed and she begins to reconsider.
                                            オーディエンス花火 Glowstick Audience Light

 STS-1 was the first orbital spaceflight of NASA's Space Shuttle program. The first orbiter, Columbia, launched on 12 April 1981 and returned on 14 April, 54.5 hours later, having orbited the Earth 37 times. Columbia carried a crew of two – mission commander John W. Young and pilot Robert L. Crippen.
 The launch occurred on the 20th anniversary of the first ever human space flight. This was a coincidence rather than a celebration of the anniversary.