Law & Order SVU S9E17 "Authority"
A telephone voice impersonating a police officer asks people to do morally questionable and illegal things. SVU detectives learn that this plan was orchestrated by an engineer Merritt Rook (Robin Williams) in order to convince the public to be more discerning and oppose authority. Rook turns his trial into a media circus and seizes an opportunity to abduct Olivia Benson. With the help of Rook's co-worker (Ka-Ling Cheung), Elliot is able to learn about the man's tragic past and track him down. In an apparent hostage situation, Rook tries to make Elliot inflict pain on her by way of a Milgram experiment.

Star Trek - The Omega Glory

Responding to a distress signal, Kirk finds Captain Tracey of the U.S.S. Exeter violating the prime directive and interfering with a war between the Yangs and the Kohms to find the secret of their longevity.

                                                 Slow Down 速度を下げて下さい。

世界的には、1,2万人が自動車事故で自分の生活を失い、5000万以上が負傷している。速度を下げて下さい。 Worldwide, 1.2 MILLION lose their life in car accidents and 50 million more are injured. SLOW DOWN.
2014, 1月 January/ 1/ 00:00 真夜中