ビストロBistro SMAP with special guest Will Smith

Bistro SMAP features SMAP members cooking for celebrity guests who are invited to the show. SMAP leader, Masahiro Nakai, is the host (or waiter), and other four members of SMAP are split into two teams. On some special occasions, other member of SMAP become the host so Nakai can be part of the team and cook. Guests are able to order anything they want, then each team will face each other cooking the best meal for the guests. Once the guests have tried out both team's meal, the guest chooses the winner. The winning team receives gifts, or a kiss on the cheek if the guest is female.

"Yorochikubi" is a slang for please pinch my nipples but in Japan it is used as a comedic reference because it sounds like "yoroshiku", meaning humble to meet you.
More Bistro SMAP soon.

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