Madison Alabama Police Paralyze Indian Grandfather
                                              ↑↑↑ --The "911" Call That Started This-- ↑↑↑

Madison Alabama police officer Eric Parker turned himself in to face assault charges, following the severe injuries to an Indian citizen who was walking down the street outside his son's new home. Chief Larry Muncey told a small press conference in Madison that he also recommended that Parker be fired for his use of force against a man who committed no crime, did not speak English and could not understand the commands. Muncey said "I found that Officer Eric Parker's actions did not meet the high standards and expectations of the Madison City Police Department." Five members of the local Indian community sat in the front row, along with Indian Consul Anil Kumar, to watch the video from the patrol cars and listen to the non-emergency call that led to the violent confrontation. Sureshbhai Patel had only arrived in the United States about a week earlier to help care for his grandson. Patel took a walk each morning, according to his son, Chirag Patel, an engineer who recently bought a home in Madison. He would require cervical fusion and remains in Huntsville Hospital with limited mobility in his limbs. His son as of Tuesday said his father could not move one leg at all. The video continues, with officers trying to get the man to stand. One officer begins picking dirt and debris off of him. The concern slowly becomes evident in their voices.

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