The Girl From Tomorrow (episode 24)
Knowing that the world will soon die, Silverthorn and Draco attempt to escape 2500 using the Time Gate. Alana, Jenny and Nik attempt to stop the rocket from destroying the last Peace Platform.
The Girl From Tomorrow (episode 23)
 The group in 1990 take the capsule up to the top floor, pretending to be film makers. Alana, Nik and Silverthorn take the capsule back to 2500, but the power cells are damaged from the laser fire and it's quickly running out of power. Draco begins his plans to destroy the Peace Platforms.
The Girl From Tomorrow (episode 22)
Nik uses the Time Capsule to travel back to 1990 and finds Alana and Silverthorn. Draco plans to turn Jenny and Petey into Moddies

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